Petrol Prices

In the view of the rise of prices of Petrol (and other petroleum derivatives), we decided to look at the prices of petrol in some of the countries around the world, mostly our immediate neighbours, BRICS countries and the USA.

This is what the simple comparison chart looks like:

Per-litre rates in USD are in brackets

You will notice that Brazil has prices higher than India. This is because the tax on petrol (gasoline) is quite high. We think it is because Brazil has a thriving biofuel (ethanol) industry. Incidentally, the tax rate was lowered this month to coincide with a price rise by Petrobras.

Do you think that India should be lowering taxes on petrol?

Note: these prices are current as of 5/11/2011. Exchange rates also as on 5/11/2011

Hat-tip to @nixxin for the idea

  • Aditya Desai

    Don’t you think this graph is a bit misleading for comparison since the x-axis does not start from 0, but starts from 0.80? The graph makes it look like the price of petrol is 6 times that of USA, while it is about 50% more. 
    Although the graph is technically correct as the x-axis is properly marked, i believe it will mislead laypeople who look at it. Can you please comment on this?

  • Arun Vijayan

    The point is, many countries – developed, underdeveloped, developing – are successfully keeping the prices low to help the people in their countries. And we are not able to. Like the other comment said, there are even countries with lower prices.

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